I am so thankful to get to do music full time. I worked in our family-owned cabinet refinishing business with my 7 siblings for years but since the Lord transitioned me out of that in 2020, the music in me has come back to life and I keep getting more and more inspired! I have started writing again, releasing videos and working on better stewarding the music and now I’m a solo artist and my first album will be coming out, First Dance. 

I already made with my sister in our duo which is on hiatus called "Camille & Haley." I am so thankful for my fans who believe in me, support me monthly on Patreon or send me tips out of the blue on Ko-Fi, &/or send me encouraging comments and messages. You guys mean so much to me! I will always remember my OGs. 

If you would like to help my mission to literally get the whole world saved and reading the Bible.. the dreamer in me says it's possible, and my dream to release music on a large scale that touches the soul, speaks life-giving and God-filled messages, and makes people smile, here are some ways to help: 


- DONATE // LEAVE A TIP: - this is a fun way for people to tip me in my livestreams while I am still unmonetized on Youtube. 

Cash App: @CamilleToday -$CamilleToday

Venmo: @CamilleToday -



Patreon is a great way to support me monthly. I have a private Patreon facebook page for my supporters that I enjoy sending videos of my behind the scenes life, songs I'm working on, sharing what I'm reading, responding to comments. It would be wonderful to build up to $2,500 in monthly support on Patreon which would cover all my living expenses and giving. My longer term goal is $5,000 to be able to really produce some quality music and music videos monthly! I am looking forward to it! 

 - BUY MY $100 Dropbox Link to all my digital music - 22 albums & me & my sister's collection of originals and cover songs. That includes 6 original albums, 6 soundtrack albums to our originals, 10 cover song albums by Haley which you will love! Haley has such an amazing voice and she spend hours and hours recording such beautiful music. 

- Buy My 6 Original Albums - My sister Haley and I wrote them all from the time I was 16 and what a ride that was recording, performing and traveling the country. Meeting politicians and patriots, pastors and families, renowned speakers and new life long quality friends who love the Lord and our country or just love country music or maybe they just loved us. Music has been such a portal to the meeting such wonderful people in our country. If you can do music, I highly recommend it. It has opened many doors and given me such a full experience in life. Looking forward to doing more of it and meeting more wonderful people that I never knew existed! 

 - Soon I Will Have More Products for people to buy that will support me: T-shirts, mugs, a guitar course, and eventually books. Can't wait to start making some hopefully cool and desirable products! If you have any ideas let me know! Or if you know where I should order stuff from. Yay! Check back in periodically! Also, if you can help me with it, that would be great! I am going to need help! 



- Watch, like & share my YouTube videos - I a working on getting to 4,000 hours of watch time on my YouTube and every video you watch helps with that! When I get to 4,000 hours YouTube will pay me for the videos I put up. Not much, but everything helps!  

- Follow my pages online and share my content - all interaction with my content helps social media sites feel that it's valuable enough to share with more people. 

- Recommend me to upcoming events who are hiring musical entertainment. I sing original music, patriotic, political, Christian, worship, clean covers & Christmas music! I have 6 alums of originals I sing from and I have a list of 400 clean cover songs from the 60s to today that I can choose from. I sing at churches, political events, prayer summits, pro-life events, back the blue events and wherever the Lord leads. You can find my music at 



My current goal is to cover all my expenses plus have a budget to make professional music videos from online supporters. Right now my monthly expenses are covered through past support, current support, from compensation from events I sing at, occasionally working off some rent by cleaning the airbnb next to me, and from when I helped my dad do cabinets for a month cuz he needed it. haha. Win-win but it reminded me that I need to stay focused on music! I am realizing that every hour I spend doing anything else but seeking God, writing, practicing and making videos and blogs is taking away from my goal of reaching more people for the Lord and building a fun community of people who like my music and want more of it. :) I gotta give the people what they want.. so I am upping my disciplines (my new favorite word is "discipline" and getting up earlier (5:55am), and taking serious the music God gives me.. and I am having such a fun time doing it! 

If you'd like to know my monthly expenses they are: 

I would love to raise enough support to make professional recordings of my new music, make professional music videos, market my music across the internet, & give more money away. I am a tither but I'd like to give 20% of my income to church (10%) & Missions/organizations I believe in (10%). I'd like to do more in and for the Pro-Life movement, the Christian political world (follow my page Christian Conservative Action on facebook), and in K-12 education. 


 If you think of anything I should add here or would like to support me in a different way, you can email me at: