About Me

Once upon a time there was a little girl born in San Jose, California to two loving, sweet Christian parents. At 3 years old in family devotions around the coffee table it was her turn to pray. Her parents didn't know she was old enough to "get saved" and she prayed "Jesus, come into my heart, forgive my sins, I want to go to heaven, Amen." & She jumped up on the couch and said "I'm a Christian now Daddy!"

At 7 years old, little Camille didn't want to go to bed and my Dad asked us if we heard anything from God. I said "God told me I'm going to be a singer." I still don't know if I made it up to get out of going to bed or if I really heard it from God, but here I am, a full time singer. My dad would always tell me, "you're going to be a singer and preacher" and I would say, "no Dad, just a singer!" and then in the last few years I almost started telling him, "no Dad, just a preacher." And now I'm getting to feeling that he knew it all along.. ultimately all I want to do is sing the songs God gives me and talk about the Lord.

At 10 years old my dad brought home a mini guitar and taught me the hymn "Seek Ye First" and from there I wrote my first song at 11 or 12. I played it at our family Christmas party wearing a striped heavy cotton muted color sweater, a long jean skirt, some boots and a hat. I looked very old time artisty come to think about it. Maybe I was a folk singer from the start! I don't have a definite music style but I would probably call it singer-songwriter. I like artists like John Denver, Keith Green, and people who write their own music. 

From 2011-2022 I sang professionally with my sister in a duo called "Camille & Haley." On Valentines Day 2022 she got married and started her family and moved to Ohio. I moved to Missouri and took almost a sabbatical year as I transitioned to a new season of life. It has really been a miraculous and special time and I've gained many friendships and a few new hobbies. I started learning tap dance, buck dancing, violin and fiddle in the last year. Now I want to learn speed reading, multiplication up to 24x24, and one day I would love to learn how to act.. maybe I will start tomorrow on YouTube. I never know what my next interest will be. 

I have gotten back into blogging. It's always a random topic I choose because I really run on inspiration and what inspires me that day. I like to really think and journal and research into things and I like to theorize about life and what it could be if we all just worked together. I'm a dreamer and visionary no doubt. I come from a family of 8 kids so there's always something getting me to drive 3 hours back to Tulsa where I was raised, whether for birthdays, holidays or concerts.

My mom says if you leave Camille by herself long enough she'll come out with a song. That's usually the case. There have been seasons of life when I wasn't writing much at all, and that's usually a sign that I need to change something. I am so thankful that the Lord gave me the gift of songwriting and I've now written around 100 songs and have recorded 6 albums in my sister duo and am working on my first solo album as of 2024. I put out my first single "First Dance" on YouTube and Spotify and Apple and life is good. I am also writing my first devotional on all the miracles and answered prayers God has revealed himself to me through since my youth. I am looking forward to getting that out! 

God bless you and I'm happy our paths crossed! If I can leave one thing with you, it's this: Start having coffee or tea or water with God every morning. I have a free Bible checklist I made that can aid you in reading through the Bible every year on my shop page. The deeper you go in the Word of God and in your relationship with the Lord, the more of a solid foundation you build your life on and your core inner will become stronger. Your emotions will start to stabilize and you'll have the tools to get through any tough time in life. I was 22 when I was challenged to and started spending mornings with the Lord and regularly reading the Bible through each year. It changed my life and I am so thankful! That was 10 years ago now. Wow!

To many more days of loving God and people,