Times Tables 0-50 - Free Printable PDF

Times Tables 0-50 - Free Printable PDF

I've decided to brush up on my math & learn 0-24 times tables. Years agoI heard that in China the kids learn multiplication up to 24. I don't now if that's true but it inspired me. Then today in my search for a multiplication chart, I found one that went up to 50 which even further challenged my thinking! I don't know how long it will take me to learn, but I figure if I try to memorize 1 line per day, in about 100 days I will really be cookin with gas! 

I think it's easy to stop learning and sharpening our skills as adults. I was telling some kids why it's important to up your math skills and literally I had forgotten some of common equations like 7x8... and I proceeded to get like 4 wrong.. well they probably felt smart, but obviously I've been using a calculator for too long and I need to push my brain. I'm sure it does something good for me and you if you'd like to take the challenge too. 

I'm very interested in education and going up to 24 would be one of the pillars of my K-12 school if I ever started one, along with reading the Bible every year and reading through the dictionary. I also started reading through a "Merriam-Webster's Vocabulary Builder" dictionary type book today. It's actually really great.  

Anyhow, here's my chart. I found the times tables online and put them on a PDF that I printed front and back so it's in my hands. 


HERE'S THE PRINTABLE PDF: Times Tables 0-50 


God bless you :)

Let me know if you learn them or how far up in the multiplications you go. 


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