My First Apartment

My First Apartment

My sister Haley & I moved out for the 2nd time, but the 1st time on our own! We got a cute 1 bedroom, 2 story apartment (which I never even knew existed), and it feels like such a little dollhouse! Pix below. 

We lived with some wonderful people for 6 months in Northridge, near Los Angeles, a few years ago, but moved back to Tulsa to resume working doing cabinet refinishing with the family and to start singing more regularly again. That was a really great experience & it gave us both a lot of time to pursue our different interests – Haley was recording a lot and I was on a year with the Lord, learning piano, memorizing scripture, spending time with God, working out, reading and soul searching. That time was irreplaceable. 

But this time it’s just the two of us & it’s really a fun & it’s special thing to get to room with your sister, especially when she’s as easy going as mine! We’ve roomed together for the last 7+ years, so it’s not much different than it’s always been, except that now we have our own little getaway where we can actually get some sleep! (We come from a family of 8 kids.)

We lived with our parents as they are very supportive of our music career and have wanted us to keep costs down to be able to pursue that while we’re still young, but one day my sister-in-law Danielle (who I LOVE) found this great doozy of a deal apartment and suggested we take the offer.. so we did. It was quite overnight. Haley had just fasted about what God wanted us to do next (that’s a big deal because she never fasts because it makes her angry – haha) and the next day Danielle told us about this place. Mom felt it was the right thing and dad is still hoping the roof caves in or that they raise the rent so we’ll want to move back home. 😉

It took us about 2 weeks to completely move in and stop going home all the time. Sometimes it was like, why did we move out again? & Then we’d spend the night at our parent’s for birthdays or whatnot and the party would rage on til 2 am and I was like – can you guys please stop yelling and hitting pool balls, please? Love you! & I remembered why. 🙂 We really did have a lot of fun at our parents and still do. It makes going home more special and you appreciate different relationships more when there’s a little distance. 18 minutes to be exact. 🙂

We moved in September 1st and it took us almost 2 months to break down and put the money out for a toaster and a microwave.. we burned a good amount of toast broiling it in the oven, but we learned how to live without these 2 modern conveniences – and it was fun! I also got a rice cooker too since rice is probably my favorite food. The only thing we’re missing now is a blender, and of course a tortilla steamer! (That’s on the wish list).

Haley’s the decorator of the two of us, and she got it all poppin’ really fast, but I feel like I helped some.. I do most of the cooking and kitchen cleaning so she can keep doing what she does best: instagram. Just kidding. 😉 She’s a super declutterer and project girl, so moving in was a blast for her. Our house decor is still always changing. Dressers move, the table setting and colors get re-arrange, Barbie’s get different outfits… it’s a mad house. 😉 

We figured out pretty early on that ants come out quick for any food left on the counter or in the trash.. so Haley sprayed the trash can with the dollar tree version of raid and that fixed that! Haley didn’t get any trash bags at first for some reason.. I’m still not sure why. They were 98 cents..

I froze and ruined a good amount of vegetables in the fridge by not knowing how to operate it and accidentally turning the cold up instead of down.. it took like 3 weeks to figure that out. Sometimes my blonde side comes out. In my defense.. hmm.. I got nothing. 😉 Oh, food spoils faster than we expected because we don’t have 10+ mouths to feed.. so we’re learning how to buy for 2. That’s new.

We wash the dishes by hand because Haley doesn’t believe in dishwashers.. and for the first time, I don’t either. Not our apartment one anyways. But that’s okay, it goes with our “Little House on the Prairie” image that we’re sporting. 😉

We also don’t have wifi yet! Can you believe it? It’s $70 for the first 3 months and that’s just too much… our phones have hotspots, so that’s how I’m writing this blog right now. 🙂 We also don’t have a TV. We never had cable that I can remember growing up, so we’ve never found much need for it. Plus, we wouldn’t want to buy that either. 😉 Can you tell we’re kind of cheap?

One thing we do buy is Taco Bueno though!!! That’s Haley favorite 5 star restaurant joint in the world. She is very committed. Don’t even whisper Taco Bell around her or you may get into an unwinnable discussion. (I’m reading this to her and she says “praise the Lord, I sound like a BOSS!”)

Oh, we still don’t have a washer and dryer. It requires a stackable unit and we didn’t want to pay the $100. So mom & dad let us use theirs at their house. That’s nice. There is a laundry mat here come to think of it.. might have to try that out, if we don’t spend all our money on Bueno first. 😉

Anyhow, we’re having fun. Rent is a new thing, but it gets us working more often, which never hurt anybody. We sing, do cabinet refinishing with the family, sell water ionizers, work for cox occasionally now, and cleaned our first house recently! So business is booming. 😉 You’ll find that I write with a lot of smiley faces.. I can’t help it.


Thanx for stopping in, (microwave and toaster not pictured yet.. also some other things have moved around.. gotta get my chief photographer Haley to update these pictures – do you hear me Haley?!?) (We are laughing)



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