My Favorite Podcasts & Workout Audio

My Favorite Podcasts & Workout Audio

It’s a reoccurring theme of self-development books that we need to be listening to 30 minutes of motivational audio a day and the easiest way I’ve found to do that is when I workout! Music is good, but it’s usually not going to advance your mind, so I put my earplugs in or connect my wireless speaker and it makes exercise something I actually look forward to! & I’ve grown so much from it. 

So here they are…


1. Zig Ziglar

He passed away a few years ago, but he is a top renowned, joke telling and Christ centered motivational speaker who read for 3 hours a day for 30 years! He has been revolutionary in my life – especially the daily disciplines of fitness, goal setting, goal accomplishing, time management, and keeping a daily schedule. 

  • – Podcast: “The Ziglar Show” – You’ve got to go far back and listen to straight Ziglar. The newer podcasts are about 45 minutes long, but the old ones are 7-15 minutes.
  • – On Spotify: Look up: “Zig Ziglar”: “How to Stay Motivated” &”Secret’s of Closing the Sale”.

You may never run out of Zig Ziglar stuff to listen to and absorb.. he belongs on repeat. He’s also so funny, encouraging and inspiring!

2. Tony Robbins

Middle aged top of the top life coach & motivational speaker alive right now.

– I went through 3 of his 7-10 day audio series & his cd set called “Time of Your Life” was a life changer on time management for me. 

3. Craig Groeschel

Craig is an amazing person, pastor, leader, and father of 6 kids! He’s the Pastor of “Life.Church” which has many satellite campuses based out of Oklahoma City and his church launched my favorite Bible App called “YouVersion”.

– Podcast: “Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast” – quite the strong leadership podcast.

4. John Maxwell

John Maxwell is probably the biggest name out there on leadership training and he’s also a devout Christian. He’s sought out by presidents and leaders around the world regardless of religion though.

I just started listening to John after I started reading his book “21 Irrefutable Laws of a Leadership” for the 2nd time. I’m currently reading it & it’s really revolutionizing my mind.

– YouTube: Search his name and click into videos like “Top 10 Secrets of Success” or Leadership.

5. Dale Partridge

Entrepreneurial Business Coach & Millionaire by age 30. 

– Podcast: “StartupCamp”

– YouTube: Dale Partridge: His videos are short and great. He’s also a Christian!

– His blog & as well we his podcast are great! Very straight to the point and he gives so much truth about work and mindset of success, as well as not working away your life. 

Preachers I Love & Listen To:

I started out listening to a lot of self help first – for months and months – then once I started implementing more of the disciplines they talk about, I was drawn to start listening to preachers and they have brought such amazing paradigm shifts to me. I still listen to self help as well as I feel inspired to. I also read self-development books as well as Christian ones. That’s all I read.

6. Andrew Wommack

Southern accented, dry humored, extremely grounded preacher on TV who has seen uncountable healings and has had many raised from the dead including his wife and son! 

– Apple Podcast: ” Andrew Wommack Radio Podcast” – 15 minute episodes

– YouTube: Andrew Wommack “Financial Stewardship” 20+ video series – I’ve listened to almost all of them and I was totally rocked to the core.

– His sermon series on “Humility/Pride” & “Prepare Your Heart” are amazing too! He’s like a free Bible school for me. I’m going to donate to his ministry for all he’s done for me. 🙂

– Andrew’s website: “” – He let’s you download his material for free! 

7. Daniel Kolenda

Younger healing evangelist and preacher mentored by Reinhardt Bonnke (evangelists that has seen crowds of 1 million people overseas!) Sees healings and miracles regularly.

– Podcast: “Live Before You Die” – 2 minute Podcasts. Short inspiring podcasts that I listened to while I ran. I listened to every one twice. I’m on my 3rd time through. I wish I could be as powerful and concise as he is!

8. “Focus On Marriage” by Focus on the Family 

Usually up to 8 minute episodes that are short and sweet and very useful.

– Focus on the Family is a very trusted organization that’s been around for years. I felt the Lord told me to study marriage one day, so I found them and listened to it for a few months and learned a lot. I’m listening to it again now.

9. LaDonna Osborn – Redemption Series

Bishop LaDonna is a world evangelist raised by the first couple to do open air crusades around the world apparently since the time of Jesus. Being raised oversees under parents who were constantly seeing people healed and raised from the dead in their ministry made her quite the uncommon girl. She has 4 sets of thirteen 45 minute videos that I’m going through currently and the first set have really been amazing!

You can find them here:


Hope you like these guys (and girl) as much as I do!


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