My Complete Bible Reading Checklist

My Complete Bible Reading Checklist

Here's a Preview of it - You can download them to Print below in a PDF, Word or Mac files. Feel free to change it, print & distribute them at will. Getting people reading the whole Bible is one of my top passions! I'm now on my 13th time through the Bible and many more times to go! You can open the PDF in iBooks and check them off digitally - or print the paper ones below! 
Bible Reading Checklist
Bible Reading Checklist




The 2nd page is flipped for the printer. Meant to be printed front & back:


Here's a 2nd PDF option with the 2nd page not flipped:


MAC PAGES FILE: (will need to be stretched correctly, but is editable)


WORD FILE: (will need to be stretched correctly, but is editable)


- 4 chapters a day you'll get done in less than a year.
- 2 chapters will get you done in less than 2 years. 
- 1 Proverb a day will get you through the 31 proverbs in a month.
I highly recommend reading through Proverbs regularly.
- 5 Psalms a day will get you done with Psalms in a month. 


I hope this is a blessing to you! It took me 9-12 hours to format it, figure out how I wanted it, type and copy down each chapter and verse, double check that I had the right amount of chapters per book, come up with a year at a glance idea (which I am excited about), and do my minimal design work. So this is my gift to you. Hopefully someone will be able to make it look prettier. If you do let me know and send it to me! 

God bless you!

♥ Camille 


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