How Will You Be Remembered?

How Will You Be Remembered?

This morning I was thinking about the unconscious impact our lives make on others because one of my best friend’s impact on me. Abby recently moved to Hawaii, but so often when she was around she would make green tea with chia seeds (which I would have never thought of), make all kinds of soup concoctions that always tasted amazing (and somehow included Kale), and she always encourages you, prays with you and sometimes pranks you. She also has the strongest back massaging hands sure to kill any strong-willed headache and a heart for the homeless and a love for strangers that doesn’t quit.. 


So as you can see, being as cool as Abby is unattainable, but we all have a unique stamp we leave on people. 😉 I started tearing up thinking about the love she literally constantly dishes out without counting what it costs her and I know she has and will touch and inspire many people in her life.


But when people think of you and I – it can be helpful to think about how we will be remembered. I think it’s important to be self-aware and to purposefully love and touch the people around us in a positive, intentional, Christ-like way, but not to get carried away concerned about people’s opinions, because we can’t please everybody. I hate to say it, but some people won’t necessarily like you no matter what you do… It’s really depressing!


Another way to think about it is, what would people say at my funeral if I passed away anytime soon? & What would I want them to say? Not that we do things just to be thought of as a good person, but Jesus was a servant and we become more like him when we love and serve the people He puts in our path. And we get rewarded for it on top of that in this life and for eternity with Him, if you’ve chosen Jesus as our Lord, savior and master… which I encourage one and all to do! What are ya waitin’ for?! Get Saved Today! (Time to make an info-mercial) 😉


People that go out of their way for us often become treasured friends, but sometimes we’re accidentally hurting or irritating people – but it can be fixable! So I put a little self-examination list together that I hope is helpful.



Are we known for being:

Late (not caring about other people’s time or preparation),







Speaking bad of people,


Easily offended,




On social media all the time instead of present with the people we’re there to see.. 


We’ve all been some of those at different times, but who knew – we can change! Especially when we ask the Lord to help. 🙂



But here are some virtues that make people feel loved and build relationship:

Being servant hearted, e.g. be the one who cleans up after the party, does the dishes, helps with what’s needed etc,

Being generous and treating others when we can,

Being an encourager,

Saying the compliments you think of but don’t always verbalize,

Making/Scheduling intentional time to spend or call people you love,

Host people in your home,

Truly listening to people,

Remembering names,

Writing thank you cards or cards in general,

Making others feel loved and accepted for who they are,

Being a positive or faith filled person who speaks life into negative situations,

Bringing a gift or something special to a party – a game to play or some shareable food item..

Or whatever creative thing you can think that’s part of your unique giftings or however the Lord inspires you. 🙂

E.g. Give flowers, food from your garden, etc. 


We all have unique ways we show love, but it’s easy to forget to get out of our own world to intentionally bless someone else or just make a good memory for them just because we can. 🙂


A few awesome things my friends and family do that I’ve noticed: 

Brooke: Gives people hair cuts, turns music on and makes the party happen, makes all the birthday cakes and decorates the house to the 9s! Designs personalized Barbies for the people she loves and spends a lot of time and money making it look like you & then changes the outfit every few months!

Michael: Got us drinking raw milk & bought us gallons! Makes you want to be healthy and eat organic, read, be more directed and disciplined and encourages you like crazy!

Haley: Will help you with any Decluttering or redecorating project with full energy and excitement, will help you record a song any time, for hours without thinking of the time, takes photos of you, edits your pictures and word posts…. she’s so resourceful! Also helps me with grammar, especially a’prostrophe’s’. 😉

Dad: Always buys and brings you food or wants to take you to the food, celebrates each human for what they are, wants you to succeed even more than himself, big time gift giver – especially if you like Ross Dress For Less! 😉

Mom: Listens, counsels, makes you feel sane again, great to have coffee and long conversations with, prays for you and knows everything! 

Danielle: Great sister in law, great Christmas planner and gift giver/wrapper and host, visits unexpectedly, cares that you succeed financially and gives sound advice, doesn’t ask for anything in return for her service and time. Did my taxes last year & saved me good money! 

Bruthuh Chrish: Listening ear, fixes anything, gives more than he takes, wants to help you grow, doesn’t give advice much unless asked, makes creative gifts, brings a fun game to the party, makes you want to be frugal & think about where your money is going.. very timely with appointments. Makes kids feel important. 

Pastor Dan: Sends me and others books in the mail, encouragement via email and in person, and always tries to pay for the meal.

Aunt Joanna: Taught me to make bread at 12, gives people nicknames, has picked and sent our family thrift store clothes finds over the years in the mail, calls me up to check in on me regularly, encourages me with business ideas and helped me save almost $100 a month by switching to Cricket! Makes birthday parties a big deal, gets us Boba tea and Vietnamese food when we’re with her and always makes you be able to relax around her.


Wow, I need to step it up! P.s. I’m now thinking of all the other people I need to add to the list or make another one! Those just came to my head first. 🙂


So back to Abby – she’s definitely left a big dent on my life with her love, care, discernment of how I’m doing, her listening ear, anytime helping hand, gift giving, her ability to make life happier, and her unique recipes she pulls out of the hat when there’s not much in the fridge.. which reminds me, I need to make her chicken, avocado, lime & cheese heated on an open corn tortilla stove-top tacos! Oh yeah, I just remembered – she called them “Camillaritos”! & I need to call her and tell her to read this blog! & then I need to visit her in Hawaii!! 


Anyhow, just some thoughts I had on my quiet Sabbath morning in my apartment living room – having Abby’s tea in the flowery tea cup she gave me for my birthday a few years ago. And what do you know, it’s time to get more tea! …Where is Abby when I need her. 😉


❤️  C A M I L L E 


P.s. Here’s some pictures of Abby and I since this post was inspired by her. 🙂


Abby & Me – Accidentally coordinating 😉

How Will You Be Remembered? Camille Harris blog

I thought a Kale bouquet was appropriate for her last birthday.. I think it’s her favorite flower. 😉

ABBY’S FAMOUS KALE SOUP! Haley said she was skeptical as Abby was making it adding this, that and the other, but last night Haley was raving about how it was the best thing she’s ever had and how all she wanted to get at Walmart was all the ingredients to make it! Not thinking we’ll be able to add the Abby Magic too it.. but we’ll hobble along until she visitis us in Tulsa and makes it right. 😉

One Minute Manager Camille Harris blog

This pic was probably taken right after we decided to quit coffee, for the 2nd or 3rd time 😉


Abby & Haley being cute and entertaining, as usual. 🙂

Abby & Me – flying. 😉 This was right after she spent days helping us move out of our house. Somehow she’s still smiling. 😀

Abby looking awesome probably about to go run like 10 miles just for fun. 🙂

& One Last Best Friend pic taken in the middle of Abby’s birthday photoshoot by Haley 🙂

Love You Abby! You’ve made a big impression on me! Looking forward to seeing you again and having you over to our apartment! ❤️


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