How to Make a Goal Card

How to Make a Goal Card

Written 1/6/2018 - So I’ve been making New Years goals like the rest of humanity as long as I can remember.. You know, get married by 18, have 10 kids, learn Spanish, eat healthy, exercise 3-5x a week, read a chapter a day.. and I’ve gotten some of them done, but without having your goals in front of you everyday, it’s easy to forget to get married by 18.. and now I’m 25. 😉 But a new secret of the greats has been revealed to me recently that I’m now employing in my own life..


It’s called a GOAL CARD. Something you can read within 2 minutes 1-3x a day. One of my favorite quotes from Zig Ziglar is “Hope for the future brings power to today.” Make it your own, but here’s the format of how to make one. I’ve noticed for me so far that it really does keep you reminded and focused on where you really want to go. I need to read it more regularly. Beware of making it too long like I did.. because you probably won’t read it everyday if it’s not short enough.. 


It’s broken down in 4 parts:

1. Beliefs & Identity: Positive self-talk. Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, probably every major success coach, as well as the Bible, encourage positive self talk and speaking those things that are not as though they were. There is power in our words and in writing down the vision and reviewing and revising it regularly.


E.g. I am a healthy, happy and motivated person who puts God first.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

God is opening supernatural doors for me in my business and ministry.

I am a giver and encourager.

I belong to the Lord and He is my protector and provider.

I am a team player.

I am a starter and a finisher.

I am disciplined, punctual, light-hearted, loving, motivated, servant-hearted, etc… person. Add whatever you feel you need to be, grow in, or be reminded of.


2. Habits: List the daily habits you want to see happen in your life. These are some of mine.

E.g. I workout daily and eat living foods that give me lasting health and energy.

I read my Bible and spend time with the Lord everyday.

I am reading a chapter a day to inspire my mind and grow mentally. (self-development, Christian, leadership, etc books)

I maintain an organized and inspiring environment.

I listen to inspiring audio (educational or preaching) regularly to expand my mind and learn and apply new skills.

I keep my goals in front of me and track my success to stay headed in the right direction.


3. Goals: Whatever specific goals you have for this year written in present tense. Spirit, Soul, Body & Finances.

E.g. Grow closer in my relationship with God,

I am healthy and toned at ___________. (whatever your weight goal is)

I am writing a book or blog on _____________.

I am making $50,000 a year in my business(es)

Save $1,000 Emergency Fund & 3-6 months expenses

Debt free in 2018!


Buy a house, or learn about real estate, buy a rent house.. ideas. (I like my apartment for now) 🙂

Learn: meal prep, painting, writing, photography, marketing… anything you want to focus on this year. Those are some of mine.

Create an online Music School



4. Dreams: Write down pictures and things that would motivate you to do your daily habits and goals.

Family Vacation every year: cabin in the woods, hike the Grand Canyon, Go to Europe, European cruise…

Be able to travel and see the people I love whenever I want to

Spend more time with family

Weekends off

Be paid to do my dream job: Singer/songwriter, worship leader, speaker, writer, blogger, YouTuber, etc.

Buy a new(er) car

Be able to help people full time


I hope that helps! Those are some general examples mixed with some of my personal ones, but definitely make your own Goal Card. It takes some time, but it’s worth the investment! Then print it out and recite it regularly, at least 1x a day. It’s takes some getting in the habit, but it’s going to give you more momentum than goals written down, left in a drawer and reviewed next New Year. At least I hope.. 😉

Anything you focus on tends to come toward you.. it’s a rule of life. The Bible says in Habakkuk 2:2 to “write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that read it.’ It’s like if you make a list for what you want for your birthday, instead of saying “Idk..” when someone asks you what you want.. you can have it on tap and be ready to answer… and you might actually get some of t! It’s worked for me anyway. 🙂 Similar principle here. Can’t hurt to try it right?

Thanks for reading!


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How to make a goal card Camille Harris Blog
How to make a goal card Camille Harris Blog
How to make a goal card Camille Harris Blog
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