How to Love Reading the Bible

How to Love Reading the Bible

I started reading the Bible when I was young, but I would usually read it by inspiration only.. if you know what I mean. It wasn’t until I turned 22 that I started reading it through every year and developed the discipline of getting “fresh manna” every morning. I didn’t have a ton of spiritual discipline in my life growing up and I thought that if I hadn’t read the Bible first, I shouldn’t read any other self-help or business book I wanted to read either.. so for a while I didn’t get any reading done at all! Wow…

Bible reading is a discipline.. one that sounds boring to many.. but anyone who’s added simple disciplines to their life knows the rewards that come from the time put in to important & meaningful activities. Fitness takes time and work, education, relationships, health, hobbies, sports, and fun do too.. but growing in our relationship and knowledge of God yields the most lasting rewards there are.. and helps every area of our lives prosper to a better degree than they do right now. Wisdom is the most important thing to gain in life.. and the Bible is full of it! The Bible is literally too good to be true… imagine what life would look like if we had no manual for what life should look like outside of society’s best guesses? So though you may not always love reading the Bible.. you will love the results! & That may eventually carry over into you loving to read it too! I suggest listening to the Bible as often as you can – especially those parts of the Bible that can be difficult to read through – the New Testament is alway pretty interesting and I like to actually slow down to read it, a lot of the Old Testament is amazing as well, but you’ll know what I’m talking about as far as some books not being natural page turners as you get into it. Happy sailing!

Bible Plans to Get You Started:

1. Search “Bible” & download the “YouVersion” Bible App by Life.Church

2. Create an account, add friends if you’d like for accountablility. 

3. Find the “Plans” Tab at the bottom of the app, then click “Find Plans” at the top of the page.

Look up & choose from the following plans: (unless you find ones you like better, but these are great!)

  • The Bible in a Year” (I’m doing this one) 
  • The Bible in One Year 2018” (did this one in 2016)
  • The Entire Bible In One Year“ (looks good)
  • “New Testament, Psalms, & Proverbs: For people who aren’t ready to read 3&1/2 Chapters a day
  • Psalms and Proverbs in 31 Days” (to combine the 2 and make it easier) (did this one) 
  • Or “Psalms” & “Proverbs” separately. (Doing Proverbs Now) See Picture Below for What Plans I Use. 🙂

& Here’s what the plans look like inside: 

Proverbs: 31 Day Plan: 1 chapter per day

Psalms: 31 Day Plan: 5 per day

Psalms and Proverbs: 6 per day

NT, PS, PRO in a Year (New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs): Year Long Plan: 2 Chapters per day

Bible in One Year 2018: Year Long Plan: 3.5-4 Chapters a Day + a Devotional that can be listened to

the Bible in a Year: Year Long Plan: 3-4 Chapters per Day, No Devotional, just a little encouragement of how to read the Bible that’s the same every day. (Listen, Pray, Journal etc.)


Bible Reading Breakdowns: 

– It takes about 15-20 minutes a day to read through your Bible without a plan – if you’re focused. 🙂

– If you read 3.5 Chapters a day, you will read through the whole Bible in 1 year!

– 1 Proverb a day will have you read through proverbs every month – just go with the Proverb that matches the day of the month. E.g. Prov. 20 for Feb 20th. (I’m doing this again now!)

– 5 Psalms a day will get you through Psalms, one of the most loved books of the Bible, every month as well. I’ve also have done this a few times.

– My Grandpa Smith used to read 2 from the New Testament, 2 from the Old Testament, 1 Proverb and 5 Psalms every day. That’s keeps you fresh on everything. 

– The New Plan from the Upper Room in Dallas, TX is 1 Proverb a day3 Psalms, and 5 of the same New Testament Chapters a day for a whole month.. because God keeps revealing more and more of it to you every day. I’m dabbling in this right now for the first time. 🙂

– Read as inspired anywhere in the Bible. Don’t get in a rut or feel like a Bible plan is the only way to go – I feel like it’s important to read through the whole Bible regularly to get the full perspective of God’s word, but it’s okay to break from the program if that’s not for you right now, or if you want to study a particular topic for a while, or if you’re feeling overwhelmed… and don’t sweat falling behind. Either shift the dates forward or catch up over time. Being a person that likes to check off boxes, I have to remember that the goal is not to check off my Bible reading like a to-do list, but to become passionate disciples of Jesus, to learn to live and love like Him, to learn to hear his voice and be led by His spirit, and to live a life that will count for eternity!

Read or Listen When You Can: 

I used to be averted to reading the Bible on a phone instead of a paper Bible because I probably wouldn’t get as much out of it.. so if I didn’t make enough time for the Bible, I would go without altogether… The psychology that keeps us from doing good things for ourselves like spending time with God, working out, or doing little things daily toward our goals can be funny and not well thought through sometimes. Plus, for a centuries most people had to have the Bible read to them at church or the Jewish temples before we had personal Bibles. I’m sooo happy to have the Bible in my language!

I’ve also come to the revelation that some Bible a day is better than no Bible a day. or put simpler: “Some Beats None”.. So why not listen when I don’t feel I have to the time to read if it helps me read the most life changing book of all time more regularly? Was that a run on sentence..? Cuz I don’t know how to fix it. 😉


But here are some ideas of how where you can incorporate more of the Bible into your life:


  • Listen while getting ready in the morning 
  • On the way to work
  • While brushing your teeth and getting ready for bed
  • While making breakfast or meals
  • During work if you can
  • Read on breaks
  • Break up your reading into 2 parts if you don’t have a ton of time in the morning

P.s. If you’re going to be listening, it’s really helpful to have a bluetooth speaker to project the sound if possible. My dad gets us mini-Bose speakers from pawn shops, which I recommend, but any brand will do. 🙂

Why I Love Mornings for Devotions:

I recommend spending time every morning to read the Bible and spend time with God, because in my experience it’s the easiest time to set aside. Most everyone else is asleep and the day hasn’t gotten started yet. There’s this special morning quietness that aids in waiting on the Lord. It’s also just a great time to prayer for the Lord to direct the rest of your day. Don’t worry if morning’s aren’t your thing right now though.. just get the Bible in whatever time of day as you build your discipline and desire to spend time with the Lord and soak up the the goods in La Biblia!


I hope this makes the Bible seem a little more bite sized and less overwhelming for you! It’s the most bought and stolen book around.. so I think there’s something to it. 😉

Happy Treasure Hunting!


Camille Harris

P.s. Here’s some pictures of my rocking chair that goes with me everywhere – to 4 houses so far! Here are some sightings of it. 😉

Here it is on my porch of the house I grew up in, right where my daily journey with the Bible began! So many cold and wonderful mornings were spent bundled up on this porch! Great memories! P.s. One of those shoes got lost.. ;( and that property flooded several feet almost right up to my chair.. but the water didn’t go into the house! Dad thinks my prayer chair had something to do with it. 😉 

Camille Harris blog How to spend time with God

Yet another sighting on the back porch of the first show home my family moved into.. right next to my first potted garden! Blog coming soon on my gardening adventures. 🙂 About to start another one up this year! Strawberries & cherry tomatoes!

Camille Harris blog How to spend time with God

Sighting 3! I prayed for a prayer closet with a window.. and we moved into this show home where my parents live now… and it came with my answered prayer! I don’t know if you can see where the chair is since it’s so disguised, but look really close. 😉 This closet made a really good getaway until everyone knew where they could find me…. gotta switch it up sometimes. 🙂 P.s. Get a good blanket to take everywhere!

Camille Harris blog How to spend time with God

My chair in my new apartment! I think I want to put it in that closet right behind it & make that my new prayer closet because my upstairs closet it too small for my poor rocking chair! & My window is too cold to sit by usually… 1st world prayer closet problems. 😉 

Here’s what the plans look like in my YouVersion app when my phone’s on 3% 😉 & These are some of my favorite Bible Plans on the YouVersion Bible app.

Great Bible Plans Camille Harris blog How to spend time with God


Camille Harris blog How to spend time with God Bible plans

 Camille Harris blog How to love reading the Bible

God bless you!! Hope these take you further on your journey!

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