How to Finally Achieve Your New Year Goals

How to Finally Achieve Your New Year Goals

Happy New Year!

In this blog I go over: Goal Setting Secrets, My Favorite Habit Tracking App, Money Management Secrets, Time Management Secrets, the Million Dollar Notebook, the 35K List, and Motivation Secrets. 

Jim Rohn says "Success is something you attract by the person you become." Most success comes down to picking the right habits and doing them consistently. If I only knew the right habits... well after years of study into personal development and the laws of success, these are some of the patterns I've seen and have started to implement and I am seeing progress! 



I finally found the goal setting secret! I've been listening to hours of some of the best motivational audio this year and I these 2 habits have been transformational for me! 

 1 - Write down your Ten 90 Day Goals everyday!

2 - Download the "Streaks" app (iPhone only - $4.99 - Best app) or a Habit Tracking App. 

Once I decided what my 90 day goals were, I started writing them daily. Once I memorized and simplified them, I could write them in 1 minute! You must keep your goals in front of you every day. Whatever you constantly concentrate on you go toward. 

Streaks is my most used app on my phone. Keeping up with a habit tracking app is so helpful in showing you your habits. I got it Aug 22nd, 2022 and have kept up with it regularly


1. Faith

2. Family 

3. Finances

4. Fitness

5. Friends

6. Fun 

7. Reading 

8. Creativity

9. Business

10. Personal

The first F6 Goals came from Clay Clark, a multi-millionaire business coach I know. The last 4 I added.



1. Save 10%, Give 10%, Invest/Flip with 10%, Live on 70%. 

2. Write down how you would use or invest 1 million dollars if you had it. 

3. Write down how you would give away 1 million dollars if you had it. 

Brian Tracy said he has seen many people become millionaires on that simple 10/10/10/70 financial formula, including a lady with a normal mid-loiwer paying job like a Walmart salary. He said that if you can't save 10%, start by saving 1%. Build up. You have to build the money saving muscle and then learn how to multiply it. It's very common for peolpe to be living paycheck to paycheck with little to no savings and that has to become unacceptable. Brian Tracy says there's no reason you can't flip something, a piece of land, a house, a car.. take something, make it better and make a profit. Or maybe it's just buying something in bulk on AliBaba and selling it for a profit. I plan to find great things to sell this year. 

This last year I started saving 10% again sometimes and ending up saving 4% of my income, which wasnt a lot but it's progress. I tithed 10% to my church, and I haven't started investing yet, unless you count the ecucational books I've bought as investing in myself. I plan to learn how to invest in myself and my music business this year. I want to learn how to multiply money. If I can learn how to turn $1 into $2, and $100 into $200 and keep going, the sky's the limit I believe. I think sometimes we need to learn how to think smaller. That's something that could be turned into a 20 questions exercise: 20 ways to turn $100 into $200. Then maybe how to turn $100 into $1,000.  

Something I know about myself is that I don't know how I would manage a big some of money like 1 million dollars. I don't know the tax laws, and or the best ways to multiply it. I think that's a worthy quest though. I would definitely get help but I don't even know who's accessible and affordable who does know. That would be a good search to embark on. Anyone who knows how to manage and multiply money will end up being trusted to take care of someone else's or will end up with money themselves. Financial wisdom is rare and even many rich people end up losing and wasting their money. It's not just a lower income problem. We all need guidance. 

I think the how would I give 1 million dollars exercise is a good one because it makes us think about what the best way to invest God's money in people and organizations would be. Who are the best charities, churches and people actually meeting people's needs and not just running a charity to pay themselves to run the charity. In many charities 85% of the donations going to running the charity and 15% goes to the people. One thing I like about The Salvation Army is that they run on 15% and give 85% to the people! They run a tight ship and that's rare. I also appreciate Pro-Life organizations like "Live Action" and some Christian missionaries I know who really live to hep people know God. One day I pray to be able to fund the gospel in a big way. I think that should be the goal of every Christian who wants to handle more resources - to advance the kingdom of God. 



1. Time Log 

2. The 35K List: 6 Daily Goals Mini Journal

3. Limit Social Media to 30 minutes to 1 hour a day (set as goal on streaks)

4. Set a 2 Hour block of time to achieve your goals. Become uncontactable.

5. Don't touch your phone for the first hour of the day. 

I started a Time Log for myself where I write down how I used my time every hour. It's very telling of how much time I waste. 

My 6 goals daily journal has become a companion to me. I read Mary Kay Ash's autobiography and she talked about how Ivy Lee asked Charles Schwabb if she spend 15 minutes with each of his top executives. He asked what it was going to cost him and she said "Nothing, unless it works. In three months you can send me a check for whatever you think it's worth to you." She told them to make a list of 6 things the night before and to rank them in order of importance and to get on the first item first thing in the morning and to keep going down the list. Whatever didn't get done goes on tomorrow's list. 3 months later, Charles Schwabb sent her a check for $35,000! In today's money that may be around $350,000. 

I started limiting my social media to one hour or less a day in the last 1/3 of 2023. I was better at it for the first month or so of that, but I'm going to get back on track. Part of my business is online, so I do need to be on there, but endless scrolling has got to go! 

Alex Becker, a multi-millionaire business owner, says you must block out 2 hours and become uncontactable. He said if you can't do this, that's why you're not successful. That got to me. It's a very effective method to getting things done. Now phone. If you can't stay off you phone you can lock it in a time-release bag.

I haven't don't this often, but I notice that not getting lost on your phone for the first hour is helpful. Some people recommending just sitting down and thinking for 30 minutes. Lots of ideas will come to you. It's quite the discipline to just think and it's said to be one of the most important activities of your life. I heard someone say that most problems could be solved with 1 solid hour of thinking. 



I've started to say this more lately and it reminds me to "stop the scroll." How much of our life is spent watching what other people have created instead of using our God-given creativity. I am thankful to be inspired by others but we need to be using what's in us as well. You were created to create and beautify and bring God glory with your life and gifts. To serve, love and bless people and to preach the gospel and connect people with God.   



I am not a millionaire but I am constantly learning from people who are and I plan to join the top 10% in life. Generally it starts with writing your goals and getting very clear with where you want to go. A $1 notebook can change your life. It changes you to write your goals. You might not even get them done right away, which is discouraging, but when you keep writing them, you naturally start doing them. It's great! 


Almost every day I write out 5 categories one one notebook page: 

1. 10 Ninety Day Goals 

2. 10 Year Long Goals

3. 10 Lifetime Goals 

4. 10 Things I'm Thankful For

5. Ideas & Inventions


When I make time, I write out these as well: 

6. 20 Ways to accomplish each goal 

7. 20 Ways I Can improve some category of my life (fitness, my music, time management..) 


I started writing out my 90 day goals daily after I heard Brian Tracy say he charged some business owners $5K a month to meet with him 4x a year and in the first meeting he gave them all notebooks and told them to write out their 90 day goals. He said for the next 90 days to write them from memory daily and that their income would increase by 2-3x. They felt jipped at first, but he knew it was worth their money. In 90 days they reconvened and everyone had doubled or tripled their income and were happy and ready for the next tip! That's why I call it my million dollar notebook. It's a $1 notebook that has the potential to make you a millionaire if you'll harness the power of focusing your God-given mind. I only know this second hand, but I trust the sources. haha

After I was writing my 90 day goals regularly, I added my year long goals, then my lifetime goals or bucket list, and then 10 things I'm thankful for. My 90 day and year long goals stay the same but my lifelong goals and thankfulness list changes daily. You MUST stay grateful. A thankful heart attracts more of the good and it's important to learn to be content in every circumstance. God does not appreciate ungratefulness. We are so blessed to be alive and there are so many people who need love around us for us to be sulking in what we don't have or to be dwelling on our unmet expectations or why we think someone else should be treating us better. 

I also write out my ideas and inventions. You never know when God is going to give you an idea that will change the course of your life. If there's a need that is going unmet in the world, it may be your job to solve it. It doesn't cost you anything to write something down.. except the cost of the paper, pen and ink. A menial cost for such high potential. :) I write down movie ideas, song ideas, products I wish existed, books I want to write.. I heard recently that just the act of writing out your goals raises your self-confidence. You are also 42% more likely to achieve your goals if they are written down. 

There was a Yale Business School study that followed the lives of a graduating class. 3% of them had written down their goals. In 20 years those 3% had earned 10x what the 97% made who hadn't written down their goals. In the Bible God told Habakkak to "Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readith it." God also wrote down the 10 commandments on stone for us to follow. Writing things down is an important principle of life. We need to pray through our God's to make sure they are ones that God is giving us, because that's when you will really succeed in the right way. When you are following God's path for your life, not just some idea that sounds good, you will be walking in supernatural blessing and bearing much fruit. 


Writing 20 ways to accomplish each goal is a tip I heard this last year. They said that the first 4-5 will be easy to come up with. Your brain has to really work the further down the list you go, but the 20th idea might be your magic idea! Try it with "How

I heard about making a habit of writing out 20 Way You Can Improve daily this year and I have started doing that. It's so good to push your brain to think more creatively and solve some of the problems that hold you back. 



1. Listen to motivational audio daily - 20 minutes minimum. 

2. Read 10 pages or 20 minutes daily. Create a reading list. 

Motivational audio has changed my life. Since I was a teen I've been listening to motivational audio but now even more regularly. Zig Ziglar says if you gave him the choice between his cassette player with motivational tapes and 1 million dollars, he would take the cassette player. A few months ago after I started listening to audio regularly, I realized I would do the same. Brian Tracy says you need to get your brain so positive that you can't not accomplish your goals. This life has so much negativity and upsets to bring you down. As Ziglar puts it, you must: "Feed your mind with the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful, and the positive." Zig says it's easier to stay up than to get up, so you need to be listening to motivational audio every day. You start to understand the principles of success and the mindset of millionaires and it really changes the way you think and see life. Successful people think differently than the average person who lets life just hit them and determine their path. 


Reading educational books regularly, ideally 20 books a year, is a universal key to success. Some of the most successful people read for hours a day. Zig Ziglar read for 3 hours a day for 30 years and became a world renounced public speaker. He was also a born again Christian and he really changed the world, including my own. 


Well that's some of the things I've been implementing this year. Most people will write New Years goals, put them in a drawer, and not see them again until they randomly stumble upon them, only to write the same or similar unachieved goals next year. I've done it like the rest of us, but no longer! I have stumbled upon these transformational habits this year and I am seeing progress in my life! Writing this blog was on my 6 daily goals list and I am just now about to finish it. Yay! I have listened to so many hours of audio to learn these things and I just calculated that I've read over 100 books now since I was 16. I started to see that the same principled kept being repeated. There is nothing new under the sun. I hope I have simplified it for you and that these ideas change your life like they have mine. I believe as I continue to discipline myself to focus my mind, take action, and spend much more time in prayer, that this year is going to bring a lot of good things. I believe that for you too! 


God bless you & your 2024!


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