7 Weekly Habits that Keep Me Spiritual Alive

7 Weekly Habits that Keep Me Spiritual Alive

Today I realized that I almost have a spiritual habit for every day of the week. I'm a charismatic Christian and 10 years ago at 22 I started having a daily time with the Lord. A friend gave me a rocking chair and I put it on my family's front porch and started reading the Bible through every year. That was probably the best foundational habit I started and now I recommend it to everyone! Preferably an hour or so with God a day will get you on the path to deepening your walk with God and make you hungry for more of Him. 


Here's my Current "7 For Heaven": 

1 - Daily mornings with Jesus 

2 - Read the whole Bible every year 

3 - Fasting on Thursdays 

4 - Outreach - one night a week 

5 - Pray in tongues 5 minutes a day 

6 - Sabbath Friday sunset to Saturday at sunset 

7 - Church on Sunday morning 


In around 2017 my mom and I started studying Sabbath and it changed my life for the better and taught me how to rest. There's a debate on when the Sabbath begins, either sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, or just on Saturday. Some people think it's Saturday sunrise to sunrise, others Saturday sunrise to sunset. Regardless, I think it's a blessing to rest on the day God made for rest.

I have always gone to church on Sunday and still do. That's when America does church and I like it because I get the whole sabbath to rest and then my social day is Sunday. 

In 2021 I started fasting one day a week after I was challenged at a music gig to start. It took me around a month to actually commit because I really didn't want to, but I'm happy I did! As I type it's Thursday. I often break the fast at sundown these days but I think it keeps my spiritual fire hot. Anytime you die to your flesh and tell it no, your spirit become stronger. You actually just become a stronger person because weakness is in part not being able to tell yourself no and not being able to tell yourself to do something good for you either. I suppose it builds self control in us. 

In 2022 when I moved to Branson I found a small church and I was drawn to volunteer for the youth group. It turned out to be such a blessing and that church has become my community of friends and the kids have become my friends too. I love them. In time I got to know most of the girls. Last night was the last youth until the fall and I just felt so close to so many of them. Friendship and trust take time to grow but I see how rewarding it is. I wish these kids could be my friends for life and that I could see and mentor them into adulthood. It's sad that everyone you mentor and grow to love won't be part of your life beyond maybe a short season, but I pray that God has helped me make an impact in their lives. The whole experience of volunteering regularly and meeting the leaders and kids there has definitely impacted mine. Now that I have a free Wednesday night I will be praying about starting another 1 day a week outreach one day of the week. I want to start going door to door and giving out Bibles and my free Bible checklist (you can find it on my shop page for free). I just want to reach people for God and I am asking Him what He wants me to do in this next season.  

In 2023 I started praying in tongues for 5 minutes a day. I got the "Streaks" habit tracking app for iPhone and that was another pivotal change in my life. I am 246 days into using it and it is working! I am getting more and more of the habits I set out to do done. It only lets you have 24, which you basically can't even get 24 habit done in a day so they are smart to limit it. But I am finding that as some things become habits, you end up getting those knocked off and you can focus on the next ones that aren't as natural yet. That being typed, I started adding to pray in tongues 5 minutes a day to my morning routine. I had heard about someone doing this but never did it myself. There are times when I spontaneously pray in tongues and longer than 5 minutes, but consistency is so good! I find that it primes the pump and I end up praying longer.




Here's my weekly schedule I just figured out I have. I am looking for some things to add to Monday and Tuesday outside of my daily time with the Lord. Maybe a prayer call. I also lead worship the last Friday night of the month now. I think that's good for me too. Thinking about worship and being in ministry keeps you seeking God more because if you want to be anointed and have the fire of God, 


Monday -_____

Tuesday - _____

Wednesday - Youth outreach at church

Thursday - Fasting 

Friday - Sabbath at sunset

Saturday - Sabbath til sunset

Sunday - Church 


These are some things that have helped me. I think the ore we focus our life on God the better it's will get. I also evangelize (share my faith), tithe, listen to sermons sometimes, listen to the Bible, talk with people about the Bible sometimes, guard the music and media that goes into me. I often parent's guide movies too because if it isn't good for a minor, it most likely isn't good for me. 


God bless you! 



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