From 2011-2022 "Camille & Haley" performed and traveled America, while keeping roots in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We recorded 6 original albums together, won awards in competitions and went viral twice for our songs we wrote for Rick Santorum: "Game On" in 2012 & in support of President Trump: "Keep America Great" in 2020. 

On 2/22/22 I moved to the musical city of Branson, Missouri. I sing at political, prayer and church events, lead worship, perform my original songs, and clean classic covers. I write and record my new original music in my home studio. I have started being hired to co-write and record other's songs as well. I occasionally give guitar lessons on zoom. I play guitar, piano, ukulele, basic bass, basic drums, some mandolin, and I am learning violin. 

I just produced my first solo and mostly live album: "First Dance" in February of 2024.

Haley Joy Harris, now Haley Gaglione, got married in 2022 and we began our solo journeys. Haley lives near Cleveland, Ohio, sings in the Amish Country Theater Comedy show, and has a loving husband and 1 year old son, Rocky. Stay tuned for reunion projects and more Camille & Haley singles coming out! 



Camille & Haley 6 Albums Photo


Camille & Haley Duo: 

Enagic Idol for Kangen Water Convention in Anaheim - 1st Place - Camille & Haley & The Harris Family - "Don't Worry Drink Kangen" - rewrite

Enagic Idol for Kangen Water Convention in Las Vegas - 1st Place - Camille & Haley & The Harris Family. Song: "Drinking 9.5" song. 9 to 5 rewrite 

Gospel Music Awards "Immerse" Competition - 3rd place

Tom Jackson Bootcamp - Top 6 - (Tom is Taylor Swift's previous stage show producer)

Colbie Caillat - "Viddy" best cover competition - won a a signed guitar

Dustin Lynch - "Viddy" best country song competition - won 2 signed guitars



Camille & Haley YouTube: 3.3 Million Channel Views

50 million collective views on Keep America Great (Trump 2020 Song) across the internet, mostly on other's social media. 

1.2 million views on "Keep America Great" - Official Music Video 

1.3 million views on "Game On" for Rick Santorum - Official Music Video in 2012

533K view on Keep America Great - live video

170K views on God Bless the USA - live video

Our Trump song grew our Camille & Haley YouTube channel to 21K people and 10K on Facebook in 2020. 


Phil Keaggy has played on 6 of our songs and calls our song Haley co-wrote called "By the Riverside" his favorite top 10 songs he's ever played on. 

Camille & Haley sang outside of 7 Trump Rallies to thousands of people. 

Kristi Noem tweeted about us when we wrote a re-write of "Country Roads Take Me Home" - It got 50K views before being taken down by YouTube. 

Sarah Palin called Camille & Haley the "best patriotic duo in the country" in 2020. 

The Hodge Twins did a shoutout video to Camille & Haley

Mark Kaye did a video response to our Keep America Great live version and got over 1 million views on his Facebook. 

Bryson Gray, top conservative rapper who tops the Apple Music charts with his bold Christian rap songs offered to collaborate on a song with Camille & Haley. We haven't done anything as of yet, but that would be really cool. 

Louis Drapp of Louis Drapp Studios in Tulsa, Oklahoma where we recorded all our albums and also did the MMMBOP Hansen demo said Camille & Haley were the top 3 songwriters of anyone he recorded in his studio in 20 years.

Tom Jackson of OnStage Success said that he didn't have anything to improve on our one song performance. He is paid to improve your act. 


1. W.W.J.R. When Will Jesus Return - 2 of our original songs "were in the movie. We were filmed playing them. Originals: "To the Movies" & "

2. "Wish I Didn't Like You" song placed in another movie coming out. TBA


Smoke On the Mountain - Play in Branson, Missouri: Haley Harris Gaglione was hired to play Denise in the Smoke on the Mountain classic comedy play. Camille Harris was hired as Haley's understudy. 

Silver Dollar City - Branson, Missouri: Haley Harris Gaglione was hired as Mary in the Christmas Nativity play and acted and sang.  



Back the Blue - on Camille & Haley -  82K views

March for Life - Pro Life song - Camille & Haley - 26K views

Slavery - Anti Human Trafficking Song - Camille & Haley - 29K views



Dan Amerine - Vessels of Honor Album EP

Evan Emmyson - Here I Am Album

Zeb Gattis feat. Camille and Haley Harris -Chasing Dreams - single

Lionicio "Leo" Perez - Album 




Good Morning America - "Game On" 2012 - featured

Top Banner of Yahoo News - "Game On" 2012 - featured

Local Fox News - Game On, Keep America Great - featured on and in person - 2012 & 2020

Piers Morgan - Game On - featured on Rick Santorum interview 2012

Todd Starnes Radio - Phone Interview 2020

Clay Clark "Thrive Time Show" Podcast - Video interview - Around 2020

Rudy Guiliani Radio - Phone Interview 2022

German TV Station with 40 million person audience 

Overseas Podcasts - New Zealand, Britain




National Federation of Republic Women conference in Oklahoma City. Sang the National Anthem and music for the ladies. 2 days. 

Midwest March for Life - Missouri Capitol to sing "March for Life." 2 years.

National Day of Prayer at the Missouri Capitol - worship 

PrayerFest Missouri - worship 



Sang for Rick Santorum before his rallies in his presidential race in 2012. 

Sang outside of Trump rallies across the country in 7 states in 2020. 

Traveled the country singing for republicans in 2020. North Dakota, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma.

Invited to sing at the Republic National Convention for Rick Santorum 

Christian Oilman's Fellowship Prayer Breakfast in Houston, Texas

Sang the National Anthem for OneOK Baseball Stadium "Tulsa Drillers" - Camille & Haley

Tulsa Irish Fest 2018, Invited back 2024. 

Sang at Clay Clark's Reawaken America Health & Freedom Tour

Sang before Rudy Guiliani, General Flynn, Clay Clark and others in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Jackson Lahmeyer political rally.

Sang for Kristi Noem and Charlie Kirk on Zoom for National Federation of Republican Woman Cyber Zoom Club of South Dakota.